Add SCORM Player
I am submitting this ticket to suggest a new feature improvement for Voomly. Please consider implementing SCORM player. This feature will greatly enhance Voomly. Courses can include interactive packages designed for e-learning using some of the tools like Adobe Captivate and Camtasia. This feature will greatly extend Voomly to match some of the LMS. Please consider.

Jim Choo shared this idea 29/04/21 12:45
Ian HONG 23/09/21 15:25
yep cannot agree more. But will they listen? Juz as Thinkific claims "There’s a lot to SCORM, but the main thing for edupreneurs to know is that it provides standards for how an online course can communicate with a learning platform to send it data like how much time a learner has spent in a course, or whether specific parts of the course have been completed successfully. Thinkific tracks this kind of data using its own methods. " Their arrogance is what literally in the way.