Zapier Integration
I am going to be having a membership site with Circle where my students can interact and ask me questions. I will be using Outseta for payment of subscriptions and email and CRM management. I understand that Zapier is the software most people use for integrating different platforms. I think that it is really important that Voomly allows itself to connect with Zapier, thereby allowing itself to connect with other applications and therefore making it able to be a part of a system. This will make it a more desirable platform and I am sure it will bring on board more clients.

Patricia Gavin shared this idea 22/04/21 17:22
Admin 22/04/21 23:42
Hi there! A similar request has already been posted, please upvote and comment your thoughts here: https://www.voomly.com/requests/home/idea/162/cooperate-with-zapier