Cooperate with Zapier
I believe that if Voomly integrates with Clickfunnels, Leadpages and Instapage, I and other voomly users can effectively increase the number of Voomly students. I would be very happy if you could consider it. Thanks.

NAOYA IIMURA shared this idea 20/04/21 10:57
Susan 09/05/21 10:39
Please add Zapier integration, the platform usability in a business sense is really limited without integration with other business software and this will really limit uptake of the product.
Ali Ziyad 10/05/21 10:13
integrately, konnectzit, zapier, integromat, pabbly... once these are added we all can usually get most apps connected... and in addition to this webhooks can be beneficial to get these done.
Adam Wills 16/05/21 18:37
This is the most important feature request on the entire list in my opinion. With a simple Zapier or webhook integration, we can accomplish just about anything we want to with the platform. Anymore, I think it is incomplete to sell a web-based software platform (especially in the online business and marketing space) that does not have a Zapier integration.
Andrew 08/06/21 06:44
Agreed. This could be the most important integration for Voomly. It would enable businesses to connect with apps that fit their business model - such as payment, marketing or scheduling appointments, complimenting already developed websites - limited only by imagination. An elegant solution for Voomly that would solve many of the sought after requests in these forums and catapult Voomly's usefulness and demand.