One-time coupon / expiring coupons
Hello, I would like to have a facility to distribute a coupon that can be used only once, after which it automatically becomes invalid to use it. The use case is to distribute a specific number of coupons (eg: 10 one-time-use coupons) to a school, and allow them to in-turn distribute the same to any 10 of their students. A similar use-case could be in a corporate training scenario where my courses may be taken by individual employees, but the eligible employees could be selected by the corporates that can take my course. In my specific case, the use case is to distribute specific number of coupons of my free / low-valued courses to eligible under-privileged, students so that they can benefit from my courses.

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 17/04/21 07:44
Eugene Likhonin 24/10/21 20:40
agreed, expired coupon after first use is a useful option.
Stacie Farnham 23/11/21 16:54
Would love to be able to limit the number of uses for a coupon!