Ability to add mathematical symbols in articles and quiz
For many mathematical / scientific courses, it is important to support symbols (eg: greek alphabets - alpha, beta, etc., operators like summation (sigma), sets, etc.). The current font does not support any of these symbols, and hence articles / quizzes for such courses are not possible in Voomly today. Also, there is no option of subscript, super-script, etc. - so things such as "x raised to y" in mathematical courses are also not possible. The best way that many sites implement this functionality is by integrating Mathjax - by doing so, we will be able to directly input equations in the articles and quiz questions. For a demo of how Mathjax works, please see here: https://www.mathjax.org/#demo

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 17/04/21 23:48
Arvind Devarajan 17/04/21 23:43
For those who land here for wanting exactly the same thing as above: I found now use a workaround for getting the mathematical equations / symbols in the questions / articles. Use unicode. Well, since Voomly does not support something like a Mathjax, the next best thing is to use unicode symbols to get _nearly_ what we would want. For this, I use emacs as an editor in the tex-input-mode, and type in latex form to get the unicode symbols, and then just copy-paste that in my articles. For those who use google chrome (or Microsoft edge), I found this extension that you can use to directly to input latex and get unicode in your text-fields: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tex-to-unicode/kdojinhjlhbmmbfogccabogomjpjijif Finally, for those who do not have emacs, or do not want to install anything for this, I found this: https://www.unicodeit.net/ - it does exactly what I meant, directly in your browser. For example, here's something that you can do with any of the above: (a + b)² = a² + b² + 2ab (Superscripts) r = √(2π)/a (Mathematical symbols such as √, ∑, ∈, etc.) (α + β)² = α² + β² + 2αβ (Greek alphabets) ... THe way you do this is by using simple symbols: \alpha -> α \beta -> β ... \surd -> √ \in -> ∈ \sum -> ∑ ... For a good list of these symbols, see here: https://golopot.github.io/tex-to-unicode/ Hope this helps somebody out there...