Quiz / Articles with images / diagrams
Many scientific / mathematical courses need the ability to have diagrams in text articles / quiz question. For example, identifying a part of a body in biology, or marking dimensions of a triangle in geometry, etc. Currently, the quizzes and articles do not have this ability to add any diagram / image, and so it is very difficult to have a good quiz / article in scientific / mathematical courses which I am working on. Request you to please consider this in your next iterations...

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 11/04/21 12:50
Michael Shaw 10/06/21 15:57
Yes, agreed. Under the video in the Lesson- in the Overview tab, I'd like to have some pictures and illustrations. It would be nice to have this in the in the quiz too. Identify these body parts of the tardigrade. A, B, C, etc. Thanks!