Timed quizes
I use voomly also for live classes as a supplement. In this case, I run quizzes in the class, some are short and some are long. I would like to have times quizzes as an option - with configurable time. For example, when a student starts the quiz, the quiz must be automatically submitted when the time for the quiz expires (for example, if the quiz is configured for 60 minutes, the quiz must be auto-submitted after 60 seconds even if the student has not answered all questions. All unanswered questions should not be counted towards the score. For example, if only 15 questions were answered out of 20 questions, and 12 of them were correct, the score should be: 12/20 (regardless of how many questions were actually answered). Additional note may be added with the score that gives the actual number of questions that were answered in the report (in this case, 15).

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 11/04/21 07:01