Time limited courses
Many-a-times, we need to create courses that are time-limited: i.e., we allow students to enroll for a course, and need to restrict their access to the course for only a specific time-duration. The reason for this could be many (eg: to save course costs being one driver). In my case, my courses are useful for a student only in a specific academic year - example, a supplementary course that compliments a real class-room semester course is valid only for that semester, and so is useless for the student beyond that semester. Such courses, even if accessible for the student for a lifetime is not accessed beyond the duration of their usefulness. Voomly should allow creation of such courses, for an example, (1) valid for just 6-months from the date of enrollment of the student, or, (2) upto a specific "expiry date" of the course, no matter when the student enrolls. Especially for the (2) case above, an additional option that limits the enrollment itself - should not allow for enrollment after a specific minimum period (eg: No enrollments can happen beyond 1-month before the expiry date of the course).

Arvind Devarajan shared this idea 01/03/21 14:02