MooSend + Mailerlite + ConvertKit Integration
MooSend and Mailerlite and ConvertKit Integration to Provide additional options of email provider.

Anubhav shared this idea 22/03/21 23:21
Cheryl Medlin 27/03/21 02:05
Yes! Mailerlite is why I popped in here! Not excited at the prospect of changing my email provider.
Karine Ringenberg 06/04/21 18:03
I'm using Mailerlite and I love it. It would be so great to have this integrated.
Adam Wills 16/05/21 22:02
ConvertKit is a MUST
aj wilson 08/07/21 13:34
layo 11/07/21 11:18
Kindly make the integration of convertkit available and please make it clear on your landing page the autoresponder services available on voomly so as to manage expectations.