Email gate (MailChimp & Active Campaign) alternative
I need to collect the emails with the wonderful feature of Email gate, but it requires a MailChimp or ActiveCampaign subscription. It would be helpful if the emails and data can be collected in a database on Voomly login itself. I have my own Email marketing script written in Python which I use. MailChimp and Active Campaign need not be mandatory as it becomes an added expense as of now which is not affordable.

Puneet Narayan shared this idea 01/03/21 13:02
Giselle Oliveira 07/03/21 14:54
Totally agree! Please add GetResponse integration.
Ariel Elyah 10/03/21 13:53
Agree too. Indeed, a GetResponse integration would be very helpful.
Andrew Wong 18/03/21 13:12
Since integration to other email service providers (too many of them out there) will take time and engineering resources, at least have ONE integration set up to Google Sheet. So that we can then use Zapier or manually import the student details to the email service provider of our choice.
Fred 20/03/21 19:57
Suggestions: Automizy or Moosend
Carlos Edu Castro 22/03/21 03:44
Suggestions: Automizy and/or Mailerlite
Anubhav 22/03/21 23:20
Moosend and Mailerlite would be amazing.
Cheryl Medlin 27/03/21 02:10
Mailerlite would be awesome, but having a collection tool that can easily be used to import into Mailerlite would be a great interim option.
Karine Ringenberg 06/04/21 18:10
Yes definitely this. I use Mailerlite and it would be great to be able to keep using it without having to add extra steps.
Eric 07/04/21 08:04
Yes! Please add get response and all other popular providers...
IJAPARI GYANG 11/04/21 06:25
great idea, thanks for speaking my mind
Patricia Gavin 22/04/21 17:36
I second what Andrew Wong says. Zapier is a must
Monica Levin 04/05/21 20:15
I use BombBomb subscription and would like an email address database would be helpful.
Shelly 10/05/21 02:33
Agreed - I would love AWeber to be added as an integration option.
Adam Wills 16/05/21 18:34
ConvertKit and/or Zapier is a MUST
Andrew Austin 21/05/21 02:40
Andrew 06/06/21 04:39
Sendy is a cost effective alternative, it also integrates with websites. Would really like to see this as part of Voomly.
Peter Lane 14/06/21 15:07
Would like Sendiio as an autoresponder without monthly fees! Alternatively, linking to Google Sheets is a good idea.
Nigel Willis 19/09/21 07:06