Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Angry Team
Delivery Man With Up Arrow Boxes
Angry Woman With Hands Crossed
Man Bringing Donuts To The Office
Man Doing A Little Jump
Man Drawing On Drawing Table
Man Falling Down
Man Falls On The Floor
Man Remembering The Deadline
Man Sitting At A Table Giving A Thumbs Up
Winning The Race
Man Bringing Tools To Work On Office
Woman Observing Phising Email
Showering With Money
Employees Hearing Something
Man Wearing Suit And Glasses, Using Earphone, Standing And Smiling
Man Standing Counting Money
Confused Woman With A Tied Finger
Man On Pay Phone
Man Bowing Respectfully
Boss Talking To His Employee
Building A Lego Tower
Buying Drink From Vending Machine
Catching A Thief
Cheering Up A Sad Coworker
Destroying The Lego Tower
Eating With A Female Colleague
Fighting Each Other
Holding An Increasing Bar Chart
Multi Tasking Female Employee
Punching A Monitor
Repairing A Computer
Running Because He's Late
Shaking Hands With Another Employee
Thief Stealing Money From Sleeping Employee
Thinking While Standing
Thinking With A Pencil On His Face
Throwing A Book On Someone's Foot
Tied With Cable
Using A Photocopy Machine
Woman On Her Lunch Break
Working Using Two Computers
Angry Man Thinking
Man Eating With Chopsticks
Man Hiding Under The Table
Man With A Box On His Head
Two Women Shaking Hands
Woman Applying Makeup
Woman Holding A Trophy
Woman With Curly Hair Smiling

Office Behaviors 2

$27 $67

Consider this bundle a must-have if you need to depict typical office activities in your videos. In it, you’ll find 100 expertly created graphics—50 unique color images and 50 identical black-and-white ones.

Within the bundle, you’ll find characters enslaved by contracts, bringing donuts to the office, working late, and much, much more. Heck, you’ll even find an image depicting a character being bitten in the butt—literally.

Although there’s no limit to the number of different scenarios you can use this bundle in, we especially like it for human resources videos, B2B companies, and any other career/office-related storytelling you might engage in.

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