Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Company With Broken Credibility
Counting Money
Man Looking At His Phone At His Desk
Woman Talking Aggresively
Man Sighs At His Piles Of Work
Woman Checking Mailbox
Woman Talking To A Man On The Phone
Mafia At Work
Carrying A Small Filing Cabinet
Climbing The Cliff
Man Listening To Music Using Headphone
Drinking Multiple Glasses Of Coffee
Man Using Semaphore
Holding Medals And Certificates
The Winners
Man Sitting With Flower On His Head
Woman In Thought
Woman Talking On The Podium
Woman Standing And Smiling
Woman Sitting In Shock
Man Pointing
Eager Man Sitting At His Desk
Employee Working Diligently
Enjyong The View From The Mountain Top
Bullied By Other Employees
Carrying Too Many Books
Chatting With Other Employees
Developing Plans For A Work Project
Employee Of The Month
Employee Shredding Paper Documents
Employee With An Empty Wallet Waiting For Is Salary
Fingerprint Biometric Office Security
Overworked Employee Receiving More Work From His Boss
Protesting While And Holding A Board
Signing A Bad Employee Contract
Sleeping With Tons Of Work On The Table
Talking To Senior Employee
Trying To Finish A Lego Tower
Wiping Water Off The Table
Working Hard While Eating Toast
Writing A Long List
Boss Signing Important Paper With Secretary
Employees In A Team Meeting
Female Worker Using Laptop
Man Cutting Paper With Scissors
Man Making Coffee
Man Picking Scattered Paper
Old Boss Reading The Report
Secretary With Glasses  Holding Files
Man Meditating In Front Of His Laptop

Office Behaviors 1

$27 $67

Need to portray people at the office in your next video? Check out this bundle where you’ll find plenty of graphics featuring different office behaviors—100 graphics, to be exact. Of that number, you’ll get 50 unique color images, plus 50 identical black-and-white graphics.

This bundle contains an assortment of office workers engaged in typical business activities like using a computer, napping, arguing, presenting, shaking hands, worrying over deadlines, and much, much more. Like we said—your typical, run-of-the-mill business behaviors!

Although there’s no limit to the number of different scenarios you can use this bundle in, we especially like it for human resources videos, B2B companies, and any other career/office-related storytelling you might engage in.

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