Occupational Health and Safety -- Fall Prevention


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Occupational Health and Safety -- Fall Prevention

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Falls are one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. However, they CAN be prevented. Use this video to eliminate accidental workplace falls by making sure workers are properly trained on fall prevention.

In this customizable video template, you’ll provide OSHA’s 3 tips for preventing falls: Plan, Provide, & Train. You’ll also offer additional information about the importance of identifying and mitigating potential fall hazards, obtaining fall protection equipment, and properly training workers on safety and equipment. Finally, you’ll provide a link to workers that contains more information about workplace safety.

This video template is a good idea for ANY business. However, if you’re in an industry with a high risk of falls--like construction, healthcare support, building maintenance, retail, or transportation--you should consider this template a must to keep your employees safe!

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