Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

A Bottle Of Pills
A Lot Of Medicine
A Drop Of Blood
A Glass Of Water Plus Medicines
Blood Test
Constriction Of The Intestines
Damaged Brain
Digestive System
Food Waste In Collon
Gastric Acid
Human Digestive System
Human Heart
Human Organs
Stethoscope And Syringe
Doctor Worm Ready For An Operation
Doctor Worm With A Stetoschope
Worm Doctor Gives A Thumbs Up (2)
A Doctor Examines His Patient
A Doctor Examines The Ear Of His Patient
A Female Doctor Comforts a Man
A Female Doctor Examines The Patient While Holding Her Hand
A Female Doctor Give One Sign While Smile
A Male Doctor Examines His Old Patient
A Man Consulting With His Doctor
A Man Shaking Hands With Doctor
Coughing Man
Coughing Woman
Doctor Calming His Patient
Doctor Checking Blood Pressure
Doctor Diagnosing A Child
Doctor Approves
Doctor Examines A Man's Heart Beat
Doctor Examines A Patient Who's Sleeping On The Bed
Doctor Examines His Patient While His Patient Lay Down On The Mattress
Doctor Examines Man Using Stethoscope
Doctor Gives Prescription To Patient
Doctor Giving Advice
Doctor Shows The Operating Room To His Patient
Doctor Talks To Nurse In Front Of Patient
Woman Gets Prescription From Doctor
Woman Goes To A Hospital
Woman Looking At A List On The Wall
Woman Seeing Doctor
Woman Shaking Hands With Doctor
Female Doctor With Her Smile
Smiling Female Doctor
Human Heart, Veins And Blood Vessels
Human Internal Organs
Baby In The Womb Sleeping

Medical Science

$27 $67

If you need to portray something related to the medical field, this is the bundle for you! It features 100 professional images—50 color graphics and 50 identical ones in black-and-white.

This bundle has everything you need to create an engaging healthcare video! In it, you’ll find numerous images of doctors examining patients, handing off prescriptions, using stethoscopes, and much, much more. You’ll also find graphics featuring common medications, as well as internal organs.

We think this versatile bundle is perfect for medical schools, surgical centers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. It would also be especially effective for medical school recruitment, training purposes, health-related PSAs, or to promote solutions geared toward doctors, medical centers, or patients.

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