Promote Your Course with Advanced Video Marketing Tools

Use Voomly’s cutting-edge tools to grow your email list, drive traffic, and boost course sales.

Find More Course Students Using Voomly’s Powerful Marketing “Gates”

Don’t wait passively for prospective students to take action … instead, inspire clicks, likes, shares, and sales with Voomly’s marketing “gates.”

These advanced gates can help you grow your online course business even faster —while expending less time, money, and effort to achieve your goals.

Even better, these versatile tools are designed to help you accomplish virtually any marketing objective you might have.

Want more leads? You’ll love our list-building Email-Gates …

Crave industry authority? Share-Gates are perfect for getting the word out about your business!

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By using these advanced tools to promote your course, you can maximize the results you get from your video marketing … enjoying more leads, fans, followers, and most importantly, students.

Generate More Leads with Email-Gates

Add an email opt-in to your videos to capture leads, increase the size of your email list, and find new students … without relying on complicated marketing funnels or overpriced tools.

Collect email addresses from people viewing your marketing videos and online tutorials … so you can target prospective students with email campaigns promoting your course.

Customize your email-gate by choosing how it will look, when it’ll appear, and whether to make it optional … enjoying full control over the video viewing experience.

Add leads to your email list automatically with Voomly’s Mailchimp & ActiveCampaign integrations … for the ultimate in convenience.

Email-Gate Pro Tips:

Offer access to entertaining or educational videos related to your course … in exchange for viewers’ email addresses.

Provide video viewers with the opportunity to sign up for emails or get alerted when you publish new content--right within your video.

Encourage prospects to provide you with their email address by enticing them with a course-related freebie you’ll send to them via email--like a cheat sheet, case study, or resource list.

Increase Course Sales with CTA-Gates

Inspire prospects to buy your course by placing powerful call-to-action buttons ... right within your videos!

Boost sales by directing video viewers to your course sales page … so you convert more prospects into paying students.

Determine exactly when your CTA button will appear and for how long … prompting prospects to visit your sales page once you’ve primed them to make a purchase.

Customize your CTA with different button shapes or upload your own CTA image … so you maintain the look and feel of your brand.

Email-Gate Pro Tips:

Entice your prospects to buy with a “Get Course Now” or “Click Here for a Special Discount” CTA.

Add a clickable “Learn More” button to your marketing videos and online tutorials, directing prospects to your course sales page.

Give viewers the opportunity to engage with additional content you’ve created by using a “See More Like This” or “Subscribe Now” CTA.

Establish Industry Authority with Share-Gates

Find more fans, followers, and students by using share-gates to increase video views … exponentially.

Ask viewers to share your videos to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to continue watching the rest of your content … so your reputation as an industry expert grows.

Create a chain reaction of social sharing, as each new viewer sees the same share-gate asking them to share to their social networks.

Choose whether to make your share-gate optional or mandatory … allowing viewers to continue watching content at your discretion.

Email-Gate Pro Tips:

Time your share-gate perfectly by displaying it just before you unveil your juiciest content … so viewers are eager to share, increasing the likelihood of your video going viral.

Get creative, asking prospects to share your video with “someone who’s chronically late” or “looking to sell their house.”

Create a video about an important issue in your industry, then ask viewers to spread the word by sharing.

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