Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Charming Man Standing
Happy Arabian Man Sitting On The Sofa And Holding A Big Diamond
Man Confused And Sad
Man Covers Ears
Man Crying While Sitting On A ChairStanding And Wondering
Man Eavesdropping
Man Gets Tired Playing Video Games
Man With Mustache Sitting On Chair
Man Got Stung By A Scorpion
Man WithMan Happy With His RingThumbs Up
Man Happy With His Sweater
Man Holding A Big Diamond
Man Holding Gun
Man Plugs Earphones To His Laptop
Man Pointing At His Phone And Laughing
Man Pointing At Something In The Book
Man Pointing Down With His Two Hands
Man Points Down Smiling
Man Praying
Man Presenting
Man Presenting With Both Hands Raised
Man Puts His Hands Up
Man Puts His Phone In His Pocket
Man Puts On The Ring
Man Questioning Something
Man Raising Hands Happily
Man Receiving A Lot Of Cash Offers
Man Rolling On The Floor While Laughing
Man Rubbing His Eyes While Driving
Man Scratches Head In Confusion
Man Sleeping On The Table While Holding Two Cups Of Coffee
Man Sleeping While Driving
Man Smiling And Pointing
Man Standing And Holding A Hammer
Man Standing And Inhale The Fresh Air
Man Taking A Glass Of Water On The Table
Man Tapping Angrily On His Phone
Man Throwing A Rock
Man Touching His Head And His Stomach
Man Trembles Because He Is Freezing
Man Walks While Hiding Phone In His Pocket
Man With Hands On Waist
Man's Tongue Hot Because Of Spicy Food
Side View Of A Man
The Boy Does Not Know
Boy Feeling Cold
Man Brings His Backpack Giving A Thumbs Up
Man Riding A Motor Bike
Kairo Sad
Man Meditating

Male Expression 1

$27 $67

The more men you have to choose from in your Doodly library, the easier you’ll find it to create a great video. That’s why you’ll love this male expressions bundle containing 100 images—50 unique color graphics and 50 identical black-and-white ones.

In it, you’ll find every imaginable expression, including characters who are sad, confused, happy, clueless, angry, questioning, and tired. The bundle also has images of men engaged in various activities like driving, playing video games, eating spicy food, and much, much more.

Who could benefit from this bundle? YOU could! There isn’t a video out there that can’t be improved with access to a larger character library. Use this bundle to get just the man you need, making just the expression you want.

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