Make Learning Fun with Interactive Videos

Use the power of interactivity to engage and delight your students.

Easily Create Interactive Lessons for a More Enjoyable Learning Experience

Unlike other platforms, Voomly makes interactivity a snap … so students find your course more interesting, valuable, and fun!

Use interactivity to teach a subject, then test students on whether they understand it—right within your video!

Allow students to customize their learning experience, by letting them choose what they want to learn next … so they enjoy your lessons even more.

Create interactive videos in minutes with Voomly’s user-friendly interface. Just drag-and-drop videos onto your dashboard, then connect them with arrows … mapping out the paths students can take as they progress through your video.

Voomly’s interactive videos are also great for marketing your course! They’re incredibly effective, typically outperforming traditional videos on virtually every measure, earning:

Higher click-thru rates (CTRs)

More social media shares

Greater viewer engagement

Up to 9X higher purchase intent*

Make Lessons More Interesting with Annotations

Use annotations to add fun facts or juicy tidbits to your lessons, so students enjoy learning that much more …

Send students to a website, resource list, or other course-related content, without disrupting their video viewing experience … so they derive maximum benefit from your lessons.

Create text or image annotations, establishing a consistent look and feel for your course with Voomly’s robust customization options.

Control when annotations appear and disappear in your videos, so you create the perfect learning experience.

Increase Student Engagement with Grids

Add a YouTube-style grid to your videos, so students have more fun engaging with your content.

Easily drag-and-drop a grid right into your videos, entertaining your students by offering them different clickable options.

Choose what happens when students click—opening a URL, playing a new video, or continuing with the same one … it’s up to you!

Determine how your grid will look, when it’ll appear, and the length of time it’ll remain on screen … for the ultimate in customization.

Simplify Learning with Video Chapters

Let students easily jump to the content they most want to watch with video chapters.

Increase engagement and video view times by allowing students to focus on their specific interests.

Add chapters to longer videos, so students don’t have to skip around searching for the content they want to watch.

Create a more user-friendly, accessible course with video chapters.

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