Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Accessible Doctor Online
Angry Male Doctor
Annoyed Female Nurse
Attending Doctor Teaching His Resident Doctor
Child Playing Doctor With The Teddy Bear
Doctor Celebrating With Her Laptop On Her Lap
Doctor Checking Old Woman's Heart While Wearing A Face Mask
Doctor Listening To A Child's Heart With A Stethoscope
Doctor Writing Something On The Patient's Chart
Doctors Discussing Something On A Laptop
Female Doctor Checking A Man's Blood Pressure
Female Doctor Helping Push A Patient's Wheelchair
Female Doctor In Scrubs And A Facemask
Female Doctor Showing A Child Something On Her Tablet
Female Doctor With Modern Medicine
Female Doctor Working In Her Office
Female Nure Assisting An Old Woman Using A Walker
Female Nurse Comforting An Old Woman In A Wheelchair
Female Nurse Assisting Old Woman In A Wheelchair
Female Nurse Comforting An Old Woman In A Wheelchair
Female Nurse Holding A Medical Chart
Female Nurse In Scrubs
Female Doctor Checking A Patient's Heartbeat
Female Nurse Talking To An Old Man In A Wheelchair
Female Nurse Walking With A Woman Using A Walker
Female Wearing A Mask And Holding Hand Sanitizer
Femle Doctor Explaining
Male And Female Nurse Walking Together
Male Doctor Assisting A Woman With A Neckbrace Using Crutches
Male Doctor Checking His Patient's Chart
Male Doctor Smiling With A Baby Patient
Male Nurse Checking An Old Man's Pulse
Male Nurse Wearing A Face Mask And Putting On Gloves
Man Consulting With A Doctor
Man Consulting With A Female Doctor
Mother Holding Her Child During A Doctor's Check Up
Nurse About To Deliver Bad News
Female Doctor Wearing And Holding A Face Mask
Nurse Carrying An IV Drip
Nurse Carrying Meds To Her Patients
Nurse Giving An Old Woman Her Meal
Nurse Helping A Man In A Wheelchair Exercise With Dumbbells
Nurse Helping A Patient Down The Stairs
Nurse Helping Old Woman In A Wheelchair
Nurse With A Headache
Old Couple Consulting With A Doctor
Woman Whispering A Secret
Super Doctors
Woman Assisting An Old Man Walking With A Cane
Woman Comforting A Coughing Man

HealthCare 3

$27 $67

Wanna depict the healthcare industry? Consider this bundle a must-have! With it, you’ll get 100 professional, healthcare-related graphics—50 color images and 50 identical ones in black-and-white.

This bundle contains tons of amazing (engaging!) images portraying common activities in the healthcare field, like checking a patient’s vitals, conducting a virtual medical appointment, pushing a wheelchair, feeding a homebound patient, wheeling an IV drip, wearing a mask, holding hand sanitizer, and much, much more!

This bundle is great for attracting potential patients, and it’s ideal for anyone who works in healthcare or with the elderly. We especially love these images for medical centers, nursing homes, physicians, home health care aides, physical/occupational therapists, and schools. You can also use these graphics to educate people about the COVID-19-related safety precautions your facility is taking, so they feel more comfortable scheduling an appointment.

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