Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

A Bag Of Snack
Carton Of Cereal
Glass Of Soy Milk
Pot Of Soup
Boy Eating Petai With Fried Chicken and Vegetables
Boy Holding Petai
Don't Eat Expired Bread
Rice Is Not Good For You
Noodles Cost Money
Fruit, Vegetables, Juice, Bread,Rice and Cereal
Boy Does Not Want Vegetables
Boy Eating Salad
Man Doesn't Want Rice
Man Eating Rice, Chicken And Vegetables
Man Eating Sushi
Man Eating Tempe
Man Isn't Excited About His Meal
Man Likes Eating Cookies
Vendor That Sells Food
Melted Cheese On A Burger
Microbe Taking Over Drumstick
Jacia Drinking Water
Woman Eating A Bowl Of Chili Pepper
Woman Eating A Bowl Of Salad
Woman Eating Chicken
Woman Eating A Slice Of Bread
Woman Eating Chips Infront Of The Mirror
Woman Eating Chips
Woman Eating Ice Cream
Woman Eating A Salad
Woman Eating Steak
Woman Eating Sausage And Rice
Woman Eating
Woman Eating
Woman With A Toothache Wanting To Eat Sweets
Woman Does Not Like The Smell Of The Food
Woman Refuses A Burger
A Plate Of Rice And Shrimp
A Botle Of Medicine Is'nt The Same As Vegetables
A Slice Of Cooked Meat On A Plate With Utensils
Carrots And Potatoes
Healthy Food Vs. Medicine
Junk Food And Rice
Junk Food
Milk, Meat, Cheese And Eggplant
Pil Plus A Glass Of Orange Juice IS The Same As Many Kinds Of Medicine
Poisonous Plant
Man Finishes His Meal
Man Falls Asleep While Eating
Man Drinking Soda While Standing

Eating Habits 1

$27 $67

Wanna discuss people’s eating habits? There’s probably no better way to do it than with an engaging video featuring this bundle. It contains 100 graphics related to eating habits—50 unique color images and 50 identical black-and-white ones.

In this bundle, you’ll find everything from healthy tempeh to less nutritious options, like chips, cookies, and cakes. The bundle also contains graphics featuring people eating various foods, dreaming of cupcakes, and cringing in horror at plates of vegetables. Fun :)

You can use this bundle in virtually endless ways—to teach kids about nutrition, depict a day in someone’s life, or to promote your food-related business. We love the images in this bundle for nutritionists, personal trainers, culinary schools, caterers, restaurants, and food bloggers.

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