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Does any of this sound familiar?

You're an online marketer


Wanting to tap into the "pulling power" of doodle video ads, explainer videos, and VSLs.

But with ad costs rising and attention spans hitting rock-bottom, it's getting harder to make people watch, click, and convert.

You're a creator or educator


Looking for new ways to engage your audience and help them learn better from you.

Because "talking head" videos and slide decks don't get people paying attention – and don't help them absorb what you're teaching them.

You're a solopreneur or business owner


Excited about growing your business by promoting your range of products and services.

But no matter how hard you try to explain, people still don't understand what you're offering them, or why they should buy.

But making good, engaging videos (especially doodle videos) is really hard.

Leaving you with just 2 choices:


#1 You can pay thousands to a professional designer or production company

Fancy designers and video production agencies charge big bucks for illustrating, shooting, and editing a video. And it can still take them weeks or months to turn around a top-notch video for you.


Or #2 you spend long weeks trying to "master the craft" all by yourself

Making doodle videos by yourself will take weeks of your precious time in drawing, shooting, editing, and post-production. And there's no guarantee your videos will look professional!

Luckily, there's now a better way!

Introducing Doodly: your one-stop-shop for creating professional doodle videos – fast!

Doodly's video software gives you everything you need to create stunning doodle videos. No tech skills, design skills, or video production skills needed!


You too can now create engaging scenes just like this, in minutes!

All you need to do is point and click to whip up incredible doodle videos just like these ⬇

All videos here were made proudly with Doodly

And creating doodle sketch videos with Doodly is easier than you'd think!

Here's how Doodly works –


Step 1: Create your scenes

Just click on the images you want and drag them over to the canvas – and Doodly will automatically draw your images for you.


Step 2: Add finishing touches

Add background music or audio from Doodly's library of royalty-free music, or record a voiceover and sync it with your video in seconds.


Step 3: Download and publish

Download your videos in the size and resolution you want and that's all there is to it! You can now publish it on social media, embed it on a web page, or share it with your students!

With Doodly, you can –


Create an unlimited number of doodle videos

Get a month's worth of work done in a single day! You can make any number of whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, or even glass board videos.

With over 200 characters, 20+ backdrops and scenes, hundreds of props and extras, and a wide selection of sketching hands to choose from, there are no limits to what you can do with Doodly!

testimonial 3.PNG

Add voiceovers or background music in a single click

Want to add a voiceover? Simply click the record button, start talking, and Doodly automatically adds your voice to your video – or you can import and add a professional voiceover if you prefer.

And if it's music you want, Doodly comes with a library of hundreds of royalty-free audio tracks. Just point and click, and Doodly will do the rest!

testimonial long 1.PNG

Use your own images or sketches in your videos

Have a special image or a hand-drawn sketch you want to use in your videos? No problem!

With Doodly's Smart Draw technology(TM) (patent pending) you can create custom point-and-click draw paths around any image you upload. So you can customize your videos even further.

testimonial long 2.PNG

Download and share your videos in any size or resolution

Not only is Doodly fully compatible with Mac OS and Windows, but you get to choose how you download and publish your video.

Simply choose your resolution (480p-1080p HD & even custom), file size (24-60 fps), and quality (low-maximum), and download your videos instantly!

testimonial long 5.PNG

Get inspired and get feedback in our private community

When you get access to Doodly, you get access to our private Doodly creators group on Facebook with over 75,000 active members!

Inside you can get inspired by videos posted, get feedback on your own videos, or even ask the moderators (and other Doodliers!) for help and support.

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150,000+ Doodly users have made over 1 million professional doodle sketch videos

Here are some of their videos. Just imagine what you too can create with the power of Doodly!


"Thoroughly impressed by how simple it is to design and create a video"

Doodly is a very user friendly platform. As someone who has less than moderate proficiency of computers and ZERO design experience I was thoroughly impressed by how simple it is to design and create a unique cartoon video. Previously we would spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in hiring third parties to design videos and it would take weeks for us to get the final videos, and Doodly now lets us have a video ready by the afternoon after a few cups of coffee.

Leo B

Life & Health Agent/Broker 
Verified review via G2

"Great way to make your presentation stand out."

I always get compliments on my Doodly presentations that it's different and more engaging. There's action, but it's nothing too fast and nothing questionable. It's more calming and soothing as you watch the pictures come together. Also, there are a lot of templates to use to create a presentation. Doodly also has a lot of training created to support successful use.

Tammy P

Director of Digital Education 
Verified review via G2

"Making an explainer video is as easy as dragging and dropping images."

The Doodly software makes it very easy to create professional-looking whiteboard drawing videos. Very simple but creates a nice look. I like the options of different hand styles and different backgrounds from the chalkboard to a glass look.

Macario H

Video production manager
 Verified review via G2

"Doodly let me quickly create content for my website."

Doodly has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to create a sketch video quickly. I love that I don't have to purchase add-on's to make great videos!

Evan N

Licensed real estate salesperson
 Verified review via G2

But Doodly is more than "just software."

When you get Doodly, you're getting a powerful doodle video platform that comes with:

  • ​4 types of doodle sketch videos (whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and glass board)
  • ​200+ different characters by gender, body shape, and culture
  • ​20+ different poses per character
  • ​20+ different backgrounds and scenes
  • ​100s of unique props and accessories
  • ​A library of royalty-free music tracks to add instantly
  • ​The ability to export your video files in multiple MP4 sizes and resolutions (from SD to 1080p HD)
  • ​Access to our private community of 75,000+ active Doodliers
  • ​24/7 customer support through email and chat
  • ​Free software updates – forever!

Get Doodly today for $468 per year.

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