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Introducing the Super-Exciting Doodly Rainbow Add-On!

Add color to your videos with the click of a button...

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Traditionally, it’s taken quite a few steps to be able to add color to Doodly videos.


First, you have to go to the trouble of finding royalty-free color images online OR create them yourself, using something like Adobe Photoshop.


Once you’ve uploaded those images to Doodly, the drawing hand will kind of generically pass over the entire image (The black and white, as well as color portions, all at once).


As a result, the drawing of those imported color images looks unrealistic when they’re brought to life with Doodly … making the video appear somewhat amateur.

The workaround is to manually create your own draw paths for color images.

This results in colors being revealed one by one, just as they would if a real artist were drawing them. The end result is GREAT. Super professional-looking and very realistic.

However, the downside is that it’s incredibly tedious to use this workaround.

Not only do you have to painstakingly add a draw path for the outline of an image, but you also have to add a draw path for every single color.

Talk about time-consuming … imagine having to do that for every prop, character, and scene you use in a 60-second video.

The entire process can add hours to the length of time it takes to make the video.


As a result, Doodlers fall into one of three camps:


They don’t use color at all because it’s too much of a pain … making their videos less engaging.


They use color images, but they don’t add draw paths … making their videos less professional-looking.


They use color images, and they add draw paths … making their videos engaging and effective, but costing them hours and hours of creation time that’d be much better spent elsewhere.

And that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about our brand-new Doodly Rainbow add-on…

Why You’ll Love Doodly Rainbow


With Doodly Rainbow, you can add color to all of the Doodly characters, props, and scenes that came with your software … And you can do it all with just ONE click!

Seriously, it’s that simple. With the Doodly Rainbow add-on, you’ll see a new button at the top of your software screen. When you click on it, it’ll automatically turn all of your Doodly-created props, characters, and scenes to color images—instantly doubling the size of your entire Doodly image library.


Want to access the black-and-white assets again? Just click the Rainbow button a second time.


And as awesome as you’ll find that functionality, here’s something you’ll like even better…


All the new color images in your Doodly library already have draw paths created for them … so you don’t have to do anything, after you drag-and-drop those images into your video.

Just drag the color images onto the canvas and voila… Instant realistically drawn, full color videos! No more manual draw path creation.

I can’t think of a better, faster way to take your Doodly videos to the next level.


With Doodly Rainbow, you can:


Enjoy Color
At The Click Of A


Stop Importing Your Own Images To Get Full Color


Save Tons
of Time


Instantly DOUBLE
The Size Of
Your Doodly Library

And that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about our brand-new Doodly Rainbow add-on…

If your Doodly library has

8,000 images,

By adding the Doodly Rainbow add-on,
you’ll instantly take the number of images



If your Doodly library has

8,000 images,

By adding the Doodly Rainbow add-on,
you’ll instantly take the number of images



And not only that, but (as you likely know) we add new black-and-white images to Doodly every single month, for Enterprise users. Well, now you’ll not only get black-and-white versions of those images, but you’ll also get the full color versions too!

How You Can Get Doodly Rainbow

By now, you may be wondering how you can get Doodly Rainbow.

But before I reveal the price, let me be completely transparent with you about how much went into building the Doodly Rainbow add-on. Both, in the costs and in the time/resources.

Imagine having an entire team of graphic designers color and add draw paths to every single one of the thousands and thousands of images that have been created for Doodly over the past 4 years.

It took 8 full-time designers 8 months and about 1,000 working-hours, which as you can probably guess, cost us 6 figures.

Fortunately, I won’t ask you to pay anything near what we did.

Instead, we're making the Doodly Add-On available for a one-time payment of just $67.


Pay it once and you’ll get double the number of images as standard Doodly users—so you’ll also get the color versions, as well as the black-and-white ones. That applies to the images already in your library, PLUS all the new ones we’re constantly creating for Doodly.

Again, that $67 isn’t a monthly or annual price. You won’t pay $67 per month. You’ll pay just $67 one-time, and one-time only, and you’ll get access to the Doodly Rainbow add-on. Zero monthly or annual fees. No catch.

Why You Might Not Want to Wait

We’re making the Doodly Rainbow add-on available for just $67 during this initial roll-out period.

However, because we’re constantly creating new images for Doodly, our graphic design team now has to create two versions of every image—a black-and-white version and a color version.


Unfortunately, that means our design fees will increase significantly moving forward.

Which is why we’ll likely charge a monthly fee for the Doodly Rainbow add-on, sometime in the future.

Depending on when you read this, that could mean tomorrow, next week, or next month etc. So if you’re interested in doubling your total Doodly images, all the while getting full color capabilities for your videos with 1 mouse click, you may want to grab the Doodly Rainbow add-on soon, locking in this special one-time $67 price.

So, to start making amazing color videos right away, just click on the button below to get the Doodly Rainbow add-on.



Once you’ve entered your payment information, your Doodly software will be updated automatically, so you can immediately start using the Rainbow add-on to create color videos fast.

Thanks for your time—I can’t wait to see some of the amazing, realistic color videos you create with Doodly Rainbow.