Learn ALL Of My Top-Secret Copywriting Tips for Creating Ridiculously Effective Messaging…

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My New Copywriting eBook Takes ALL Of The Best
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No-Fluff System For Anyone Selling Anything Online (Or Offline).

Persuasion is the name of the game in marketing.
And that’s true whether you’re trying to get people to:


Buy one of
your products


Pay for one
of your services


Follow you
on social media


Or participate
in a cause

In each of those scenarios, you have to convince people to do something they might not ordinarily do.

Now, I’ll admit, that can make the word “persuasion” sound like it’s a bad thing—manipulative, unethical, sleazy even.

But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Instead, I’m talking about ethically influencing someone.

Because after all, if you believe you can enrich someone’s life with your product, service, or cause, shouldn’t you try to persuade them of its benefits?

I, wholeheartedly, think so.

So that’s what I’m talking about here, and as you might imagine, this type of persuasion is absolutely critical when it comes to marketing products, services, or ideas… both online, and offline.


You know what’s so ironic though?

As important as persuasion is, it’s where business owners always seem to drop the ball.

Instead, they’ll spend money on a fancy “looking” sales video or on hiring some expensive Facebook advertising agency… or even trying to rank highly on Google.

That’s like putting the cart WAY before the horse!

While those bells and whistles might attract prospects’ attention initially, it’s the copywriting itself that compels them to act—or not act.

Disappointing Results?

Blame Bad Copywriting

No matter what you’re selling, you’ll need great copywriting to do it successfully.

After all, you can have the most amazing-looking ad in the world, but if you can’t explain to someone why they need what you’ve got, you won’t make the sale.


Take the California Raisin Brand, for example.

In the 80s, it created really clever videos showing animated raisins singing soul music.

The ads were hugely popular, and they supposedly sold over $200 million dollars in related merchandise.

But you know what they didn’t sell?


Once the campaign finally came to an end, raisin sales were lower than they were before that magical campaign.

That’s because the copywriting missed the mark--it never convinced people why they should buy raisins.


And mind you, that copywriting was done by professionals.

Average folks who have to write their own copy do even worse.

Either their sales copy rambles, or it doesn’t address buyer objections, or it never answers the critical question of why someone needs what they’ve got.

As a result, their messages miss the mark.

Prospects don’t buy their products, join their organizations, follow them on Facebook, request consultations, or optin to their email lists … you name it, they don’t do it.

Because it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to get people to do—bad copywriting will never lead prospects from disinterest to desire.

Fortunately, there’s a solution …


The Definitive Guide to Copywriting

My new e-book, The Definitive Guide to Copywriting, is designed to help you persuade the heck out of others.

It’s like your secret weapon for amping up your influence among your fans, followers, and prospects.

With 25 chapters of copywriting tips, tricks, and strategies, I guarantee it’ll help you create super-powerful and effective messaging for your brand.

Messaging that will:

  • Attract People’s Attention
  • Keep Them Engaged
  • Persuade Like Crazy and
  • ​Help You Sell More of Whatever It Is You’re Selling (Even If You’re Just “Selling” an Idea)

I know how powerful this book is, because I used the copywriting tips in it to turn several of my companies into million-dollar online businesses.


For example, my product, Fat Loss Factor, went from “nowhere to be found” on Clickbank (the world’s largest digital marketplace) to the #1 product in the entire digital marketing space, for 2 full years, all because of the copywriting strategies I reveal in this book..

At one point, I was making $15,000 in pure profit, from Fat Loss Factor … every single day!

Later, when I launched my supplement company, Perfect Origins, a whiteboard doodle video with an amazing script helped us

sell over $4 million dollars of products in just 12 months.


Since then, the company’s gone on to do over $30 million in sales and counting.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from those businesses is that copywriting is everything.

It’s the one ESSENTIAL skill that separates those
who have success from those who don’t.

Period. That’s it.


Without effective sales copy, you’ll never persuade anyone of anything … rendering your flashy website, clever videos, and SEO expenses worthless.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that your success hinges on how well you can persuade others.

That’s why I know my book is going to be a huge game-changer for you.

No matter who you’re trying to persuade, I guarantee you’ll dramatically improve your results if you implement the straightforward, no-nonsense copywriting tips in my new book.

At this point, I can imagine what you might be thinking …

This Book Won’t Work for Me Because

I’m Not a Great Writer

A lot of people have hang-ups about
their writing skills, I get it.


They worry that they won’t know what to say, they won’t word things the right way, or that writing requires innate talent.

I don’t care who you are or what your background is, my book will make you better at persuading others.

It’s that simple.

No matter what your writing skills are like right now, they’ll be exponentially better once you’ve read my book.


That’s because I teach you simple, straightforward tips and strategies that are super easy for anyone to follow.

For Example

Did you know that the very best copywriters in the world use FORMULAS to persuade people?


It’s true.

There are actually copywriting formulas out there that show you what order to present information in, so you can be as persuasive as possible.

Kinda like a magician revealing how he pulls the rabbit out of the hat, I blow the lid off those and all the other secret copywriting tricks … teaching you behind-the-scenes stuff that people ordinarily spend years trying to learn.

As a result, you can dramatically improve your brand messaging faster than you ever thought possible … even if today, you don’t think you’re a good writer.

But what if you’re not concerned about your writing abilities?

Instead, maybe you’re not sure the book will actually be useful to you, because you’re thinking …

What If I Don’t Need to Write Copy?

I get it—not everyone has to write emails, video scripts, or Facebook ads for their brand.

For example, if you’re on this page, there’s a good chance you use some of our video creation software. (i.e. Doodly, Toonly, etc)

And in that case, you might be used to making videos that don’t use written scripts.

Well, let me tell you something … even if you don’t create actual scripts for your videos, you can still benefit from my book.

That’s because great videos are all about compelling storytelling… which is exactly what The Definitive Guide to Copywriting will show you how to do.


For example, a great story will capture the audience’s attention right from the get-go.

Unfortunately, that’s something most businesses screw up immediately.

Instead of telling an interesting story that pulls people in, they brag about how great THEY are.


Now of course you want viewers to think you’re great, but you want to cleverly get that message across--not assault them with it.

That’s what great storytelling does.

It also makes video viewers eager to find out how the story ends.

Yet, most videos fail in that regard because they lack good storylines.

Instead, businesses expect the graphics on the screen to compensate for a dull or even non-existent story.

And as a result, the videos lose people’s attention before they ever get their message across.


With the average consumer having an attention span shorter than a goldfish, you can see why getting someone to sit through an entire video is such a challenge.

Which is why knowing what copywriters do to grab people’s attention and keep it will improve the results you get from your videos… immediately.

I break all this down for you in my book, so you can make super-persuasive, engaging videos that clearly get your brand message across—without ever writing a word.

So, let me tell you more about what you’ll get with the book.

Like I mentioned, the book consists of

25 chapters in alltotaling 198 pages

The chapters are divided by subject, so if you want to learn about video scripts, you can go directly to that chapter. If you want to write better emails, that has its own chapter too. And so on …

As a result, it’s very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in the book, so if you want, you can head straight to the subject you’re interested in and get up-to-speed fast.


Like I mentioned, the book consists of

Instead, you’ll get dozens of simple, straightforward copywriting tips, tricks, and strategies, so you can masterfully persuade your audience to take action.

Meaning way more people could:

  • Buy Your Products
  • Pay for Your Services
  • Join Your Causes or
  • Follow You on Social Media

Heck, your persuasion skills could improve so much, you may even win a few more arguments with your spouse :-P

You’ll also learn how to write any type of sales copy you could ever need for your business or nonprofit, including:













Basically, my book is like the Bible on copywriting--I packed it full of information, putting everything I know about effective messaging into it.

Use it and you’ll be able to create highly persuasive copy while eliminating any doubts you might have about how to influence your audience in a positive way.

So, let me reveal just some of what you’ll learn in The Definitive Guide to Copywriting:

PAGE 15 How you can improve your powers of persuasion DRAMATICALLY in just 5 minutes with my 10 commandments of killer copy!

PAGE 163 Ridiculously effective, proven formulas for 90-second, 5-minute, and 20-minute video sales letters (VSLs) … so you can create super-persuasive videos for your brand.

PAGE 158 How to write an amazingly effective Google AdWords ad that’ll get those all-important clicks … so you can get way more website traffic.

PAGE 24 Something you’ll be totally shocked to realize you must do when writing copy … or risk your brand message failing--BIG TIME.

PAGE 177 What the 7 best Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) hacks are … so you can use psychological tactics to make your copywriting exponentially more persuasive.

PAGE 33 The one and only time your copy won’t matter much … and what you can do instead to get your brand messaging across.

PAGE 152 Which 6 types of super-powerful leads will completely capture your audience’s attention … and how to easily decide the right lead to use.

PAGE 59 What the Rule of One is and why it may just be the most valuable thing you’ll ever learn when it comes to copywriting.

PAGE 109 The 3 types of false beliefs that prevent you from persuading people … and the single most effective thing you can do to CHANGE their minds.

PAGE 177 What an open loop is and why it may just be the most powerful artillery you have in your copywriting arsenal.

PAGE 136 My 10 best practices for writing engaging emails that get opens, shares, and clicks … so you can nurture relationships with customers, prospects, and followers—FOR LIFE.

PAGE 101 What the Big Domino is and why it’s ESSENTIAL you use it to craft your marketing message.

PAGE 152 Straightforward tactics anyone can follow to create super-successful Facebook ads … so you get clicks, conversions, and SALES.

PAGE 18 The 15 most powerful advertising words in the English language … so you can use science to create copy that’ll IMMEDIATELY capture your prospects’ attention.

PAGE 101 How to tell a story that pulls people in and gets them emotionally invested … so they sell themselves on your brand.


Bottom line, if you sell products or provide a service, the copywriting tips in this book will help you start generating better results, faster and easier than ever before.

And if your goal is to influence others to join your cause, donate to your nonprofit, or follow you on social media, you’ll learn how to use words to create an emotional connection with your audience, so they’re eager to become more involved.

But as awesome as the book’s copywriting guidance is, that’s hardly the only thing that makes it a stand-out.

You’re also going to love The Definitive Guide to Copywriting for its:

  • Conversational Language
  • Real-Life Stories
  • Attractive, Colorful Graphics and
  • Loads of Great (and Not-So-Great) Ad Examples

Plus, because The Definitive Guide to Copywriting is in PDF format, you can easily read it on your phone, laptop, tablet, or e-reader!

So let’s talk about how you can get the book.

Right now, I’m making The Definitive Guide to Copywriting available for a limited-time- only for just $47!


Now let me tell you why that price is a steal.

For one thing, this book is based on my 16+ years of experience doing copywriting for my businesses.

You can’t buy that kind of experience.

That’s why the copywriting lessons you’ll learn in this book are invaluable—lots of this stuff took me years to learn, whereas you’ll be able to pick it up immediately, so you can start persuading more people right away.

Plus, it actually took me a lot of time to figure out what needed to be included in the book, write those lessons down, and then edit them later.

Then, I even hired a graphic designer to add color graphics and images all throughout the book, so you could enjoy a book that doesn’t only offer great content but is also fun to look at.

As you might imagine, hiring a graphic designer to improve each page of a 200-page book was a big expense. But, The Definitive Guide to Copywriting isn’t just a bargain because it cost me a lot of time and money to develop.

It’s also a great deal, because it’s identical to the copywriting VIDEO masterclass I’ll be releasing soon.

And when I offer that class, I plan to charge $297 for it.

This $47 book contains every single lesson—verbatim—that I teach in that $297 course!

The only difference between the two is that one’s an e-book, whereas the course consists of 25+ video lessons.

Another reason this is such an amazing deal is because in the past, I’ve sold this exact same book for $97.

So plenty of people have already paid double what I’m giving it to you, for today.


But I’m making this available for 50% off its regular retail price, because I’d like to get it in as many hands as possible.

I figure that the more great feedback I get from the book, the easier it will be to sell the copywriting course when I make it available to the public.

Now if you’re interested in my book, I suggest you grab your copy today because …

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But that’s not all.

If you buy The Definitive Guide to Copywriting today,

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This e-book is 100% meat, no fluff.

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So, you’ll quickly learn the fundamentals of creating killer copy for videos, emails, Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, long-form sales letters, landing pages, and e-commerce pages.

Consider it your quick-and-easy copywriting reference guide, so you can start persuading others right away.


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Thanks for your time! And I can’t wait to show you how to masterfully persuade people once you understand the psychology behind copywriting.



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