Enjoy Ultra-Customizable Video Players

Maximize the marketing results of your Voomly-hosted sales videos with customized video players.

Voomly’s Hosting Platform Was Designed for Course Creators

Video marketing is an ideal way to find students for your course. However, for the best results, you want to use the right platform to host your sales videos.

That’s where Voomly comes in.

Voomly’s different from other hosting platforms, because it gives you 100% creative control over the look and feel of your video players.

And with fully customizable video players, you can get better results from your video marketing, enjoying:

More Leads

Greater Engagement

Heavier Traffic

& Higher Sales

Design the Perfect Viewing Experience with Customizable Video Players

Your video player is an extension of your brand, which is why you want to get it just right. Fortunately, that’s easy with Voomly’s ultra-customizable video players that give you full control over how your videos are experienced.

Create the ideal video player for every video you host on Voomly--without modifying complex code, like you’re forced to do with other platforms.

Make an unlimited number of video players, so you always select just the right player to achieve your marketing goals.

Manage the entire video viewing experience by choosing your players’ appearance; enabling/disabling comments; resuming video play where viewers last left off; hiding/displaying player controls, and more.

Get More Video Views with Branded Video Players

The more prospective students you can get to watch your sales videos, the more students you’ll be able to enroll … which is why branded video players are so valuable. Some research shows they can increase video views by as much as 4X over default players!

Customize your videos’ play button and play bar colors to match those of your brand … for a more professional-looking video player than YouTube’s.

Drive website traffic by adding a clickable brand logo to your video player … so anyone watching your videos can easily find out more about your course.

Select video player border skins, player skins, and customized thumbnails … for the ultimate in personalization.

Promote a professional image by using video players that “travel” with your video … so when your videos are shared via social media, everyone sees them in a video player that displays your logo and brand colors.

Improve Your Marketing Results by Adding/Removing Video Player Controls

Not all videos should be played the same way … with tutorials, you want people to be able to reverse and fast-forward, so they can easily find the information they’re looking for.

But, with a prerecorded webinar, it’s better for people to watch every bit of your lead-in before you reveal the price of your course … which is why choosing how prospective students experience your videos can help you attract more leads, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Hide or display controls, like the play bar, time, volume, speed, autoplay, full-screen option and more, customizing your player to your marketing goals.

Choose the look of your play button, optionally selecting your own custom image … so your player reflects your brand’s unique style.

Determine what occurs when your video reaches its end … selecting whether it loops, pauses on the last frame, resets to a thumbnail, or even sends traffic to your course sales page.

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