Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addon to switch the template from black and white, to full color.
Each template comes in both black and white, as well as full color. If you own the Doodly Rainbow addon, you can easily switch back and forth between the two.



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According to Kickstarter, a video improves funding success rates by a whopping 50%. However, you don’t want to just opt for a boring founder video. Meh. Instead you want an interesting, engaging, shareable video--like this one!

In this customizable video template, you’ll begin by offering a high-level overview of your project. Then, you’ll explain to viewers how they can provide funding, before mentioning 3 key project facts and their associated benefits. Finally, you’ll close with a CTA requesting project funding.

This video template is a must-have for any budding entrepreneur trying to raise money on a crowdfunding site. Because doodle videos are incredibly engaging, this video is a great way to keep viewers’ attention while you sell them on the benefits of funding your project.

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