Important Note:You will need the Doodly Rainbow addonto get/use the colored version of each image. Each bundle comes with 50 black and white versions AND 50 color versions (if you have the Doodly Rainbow addon) of each image.

Bat Brain
Bat Catching a Worm
Bat Eating Food
Bat Eating Fruit
Big Whale
Bull Attacks Man
Bull Destroys A Teddy Bear
Bull Having A Drink With A Man
Angry Bull
Cat Running
Chameleon Crying
Colorful Chameleon
Chameleon Laughing
Chameleon Looking With One Eye
Cheetah Running After Baby Lion
Sad Chicken Sitting On Nest
Circular Fish
Cow Holding A Glass Of Milk
Crocodile Coming Out Of A River
Crocodile Being Filmed
Dinosaur Height
Elephant's Skeleton In Ice
Fish Releasing Itself
Fish Bone
Frog And Snake Near Water
Frog Relaxing
Frogs Hugging
Frogs Jumping
Gecko Collecting Trash
Gecko Sit Holding Money
Gecko Sitting On The Beach
Gecko Standing And Pointing
Hen Throwing Up Money
Kangaroo and Rabbit
Koi Fish
Crocodile Laughing At Another Crocodile
Crocodile Scaring People
Crocodile Poster
Shocked Chameleon
Mommy Zebra Watching Her Baby Sleep
Ballet Dancing Swan
Boxing Kangaroo
Gentleman Cat
Girrafe With Its Neck In A Knot
Lazy Pig
Rhino Police
Shark In Sunglasses And Tropical Shirt
Smart Monkey Writing

Animated Animals 2

$27 $67

Amuse the heck out of your video viewers with these engaging animated animals. In this super-cool bundle, you’ll get 100 total graphics for maximum versatility—50 color images, plus 50 of those same images in black-and white.

From bats to bulls, you’ll find a wide assortment of animals in this bundle, including whales, birds, chameleons, crocodiles, fish, geckos, frogs, and much, much more! Many of these animals are illustrated in a variety of scenarios, making them perfect for storytelling.

This bundle can be used for tons of different things. For instance, if you’re in the sciences or education, you’ll love the comparison graphics, showing how different animals stack up against various measurements. Likewise, if you promote environmental causes, the image of the gecko picking up trash is priceless. And, of course the bats are perfect for Halloween videos!

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