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If you're here you probably already know that I've started (and sold) two successful companies, and invested in several others that are doing quite well.

I love startups and I want to help you turn yours into a win.

So here's the deal....subscribe to my Voomly and get...

  1. You can email me specific questions about your business, and I'll give it my best shot every time.  I usually answer within 24 hours if you keep it short and simple.
  2. You'll get front line reports sent directly to your email as I see things, learn things, or just want to reach out.
  3. Every day you'll get one of my 265 startup tips in 265 days.  Very short and simple tips that might help you today or down the road.

This is the cheap way to get me on your team.  We'll talk equity down the road :)

What You Will Get
Private Q&A with Andy Swan
I'll be here to help you with your startup. Biz plan review, pitch deck, revenue model, how to hire developers...
Front-line updates
When I see a learning moment, I'll let you know. I'll go into more detail and give real-world examples from my own company or companies I've invested in.
Education Series
265 Startup tips in 265 days
Each day you'll get a brief tip that I've learned through my own entrepreneurial experiences.
Andy Swan
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Andy Swan
What You Will Get
  • Private Q&A with Andy Swan
  • Front-line updates
  • 265 Startup tips in 265 days

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I win a lot.

I also mess up a lot.

You can learn from both.